Philips 438P1 43" P-Line IPS 4k UHD W-LED Monitor

Philips 438P1 43" P-Line IPS 4k UHD W-LED Monitor

Philips 438P1 43" P-Line IPS 4k UHD W-LED Monitor

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The Philips 438P1 43" P-Line IPS 4k UHD W-LED Monitor display delivers expansive and crisp visuals. Productivity enhancing features like MultiView and multiple connection for performance and convenience.




LCD panel type    IPS technology
 Backlight type W-LED system  
Panel Size    42.51 inch / 108 cm
 Display Screen Coating  3H, Haze 1%
Effective viewing area   941.184 (H) x 529.416 (V) mm
Aspect ratio    16:9
Maximum resolution   3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz*  
Pixel Density   103.46 PPI  
Response time (typical)   5 ms (Gray to Gray)*  
 Brightness 400 cd/m²  
Contrast ratio (typical)    1200:1
 SmartContrast 50,000,000:1  
Pixel pitch   0.2451 x 0.2451 mm  
 Viewing angle
  • 178º (H) / 178º (V)
  • @ C/R > 10
Picture enhancement    SmartImage
 Display colors Color support 1.07 billion colors  
Color gamut (typical)    NTSC 88%*, sRGB 102%*
Scanning Frequency   30 - 140 kHz (H) / 23 - 75 Hz (V)  
 SmartUniformity  96 ~ 105%
Delta E    3
 sRGB Yes  
Flicker-free   Yes  
  • P Line
  • 43 (42.51" / 108 cm diag.)
  • 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD)


UltraClear 4K UHD (3840x2160) resolution for precision

These Philips displays utilize high performance panels to deliver UltraClear, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution images. Whether you are demanding professional requiring extremely detailed images for CAD solutions, using 3D graphics applications or a financial wizard working on huge spreadsheets, Philips displays will make your images and graphics come alive.

IPS LED wide view technology for image and color accuracy

IPS displays use an advanced technology which gives you extra wide viewing angles of 178/178 degree, making it possible to view the display from almost any angle. Unlike standard TN panels, IPS displays gives you remarkably crisp images with vivid colors, making it ideal not only for Photos, movies and web browsing, but also for professional applications which demand color accuracy and consistent brightness at all times.

MultiView 4K for 4 systems on one screen

Philips MultiView feature on this expansive 4K UHD display enables you to have up to four systems each shown in Full HD on one screen. You can use the Picture-by-Picture (PbP) for monitoring four systems on one screen for control rooms or security. Or for multiple devices like two notebooks side-by-side simultaneously, making collaboration more productive. Or Picture-in-Picture mode (PiP) watching a live football feed from your set-top box, while working on your PC.

SmartUniformity for consistent images

Fluctuations in brightness and color on LCD screens are a common phenomenon. Philips SmartUniformity mode delivers accurate images in terms of brightness; which is crucial for photography, design, and printing. With a color metric to assess color accuracy, this mode is calibrated to meet average luminance uniformity is greater than 95%. Selecting this mode will produce uniform and accurate images.

SmartImage presets for easy optimized image settings

SmartImage is an exclusive leading edge Philips technology that analyzes the content displayed on your screen and gives you optimized display performance. This user friendly interface allows you to select various modes like Office, Photo, Movie, Game, Economy etc., to fit the application in use. Based on the selection, SmartImage dynamically optimizes the contrast, color saturation and sharpness of images and videos for ultimate display performance. The Economy mode option offers you major power savings. All in real time with the press of a single button!

Less eye fatigue with Flicker-free technology

Due to the way brightness is controlled on LED-backlit screens, some users experience flicker on their screen which causes eye fatigue. Philips Flicker-free Technology applies a new solution to regulate brightness and reduce flicker for more comfortable viewing.

HDMI ensures universal digital connectivity

An HDMI-ready device has all the required hardware to accept High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) input. A HDMI cable enables high-quality digital video and audio all transmitted over a single cable from a PC or any number of AV sources (including set-top boxes, DVD players, A/V receivers and video cameras).

DisplayPort connection for maximum visuals

DisplayPort is a digital link from PC to Monitor without any conversion. With higher capabilities than DVI standard, it is fully capable to support up to 15meter cables and 10.8 Gbps/sec data transfer. With this high performance and zero latency, you get the fastest imaging and refresh rates - making DisplayPort the best choice for not only general office or home use, but also for the demanding gaming and movies, video editing and more. It also keeps interoperability in mind via use of various adapters.

VESA mount allows for the perfect setup

VESA pattern guarantees compatibility hundreds of innovative mounting solutions.