Discover Your Potential

More than an online store, Technocorp is an ecosystem. A community of passionate people and the things that allow them to follow their passion, explore new ideas and discover their potential. We want to help you connect with the things you need so we created a simple, affordable alternative to buying. It's kind of like renting, but nicer.










The Ecosystem


How does it work? By making it simple and affordable to have the things you love and share them on when you're finished.

Small Payments


Instead of having to buy outright, you can make a small payment each month. You can even apply to buy anytime & make it yours.

The Things You Find


The things you find on Technocorp are for creating, not to be disposed of or lie forgotten in the back of the cupboard.

When You're Finished


You can return your computer to us & other members of the cameracorp ecosystem can have the chance to follow their passion.







Follow Your Passion





A Rental Plan With Genuine Flexibility

Established Business

  • Over 30 years experience
  • 250,000 customers and growing

Cost Effective

  • Low monthly cost
  • Simply return after the minimum rental period

Australia Wide

  • Fast, Australia-wide delivery
  • Australian owned company